design: 2016


fulfillment: 2016

location: Budapest XXI. District, Csepel

area size: Fairy Garden 4200m2; Mosquito 2850m2; Snapdragon 3030m2

landscape architects: Edina Massány, Rita Remeczki, Györgyi Csóka

description:  We have created the renovation designs for 3 instituntions of the Budapest XXI. District Csepel Wonder Fountain Joint Kindergarten (Csepel Cosdakút Egyesített Óvóda): Fairy Garden (Tündérkert), Mosquito (Szúnyog) and Snapdragon (Tátika). The original kindergarten grounds reflected many decades of neglect, with obsolete and dangerous equipment that was not used for quite some time. In each and every stage of the design process, our main focus points were the requests of the kindergarten management, the utilization of the available local elements, rational landscape architecture and well-functioning equipment, as well as easy and long-term sustainability of the area. As for the design choices for the new playgrounds, the key factors have been, of course, the requests of the kindergarten management, as well as creating a similar image to the existing playgorund elements that were to be kept. The goal therefore was to design a homogenous, harmonious set of playground elements that adhere to the preferences for future usage, while being easy to maintain log-term.

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