design: 2015


fulfillment: 2016-2017

location: Újhuta

area size: 14.000m2

landscape architects: Rita Remeczki, Edina Massány

description: The main appeal, and at the same time the most unique feature of our design of the park is the sizable water component that is present in many shapes. We have greatly increased the span of the existing lake (pool). In place of the currently implemented, rigidly drawn ground plan, we recommend an improvement to the lake bed, with a more natural shoreline that similar to the original shape of the lake, as pictured in the reference painting. With these changes, the lake would be more in accordance with the atmosphere of the landscape and its former appearance, as required by the local architectural regulations. The image of the lodge would mirror in the newly-arranged lake, ephasizing the visual connection between the lodge and and the dwellings in the park.

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