design: 2014-2015


fulfillment: 2016

location: Budapest XII. District, Lily of the Valley (Gyöngyvirág) Street (Istenhegy region)

area size: 1600m2


landscapearchitects: Rita Remeczki, Edina Massány

photos: Bujnovszky Tamás 

description: Our job was to design the landscape around a villa that was built to stand on a sharply inclining lot, suitable for a multigenerational family. In the garden, apart from preserving the valuable timber, numerous new functions needed to be allocated and designed, such as the vegetable garden, the playgorund, the recreational garden and the paved terrace. We have created well utilizable surfaces in the sloped areas of the garden lot by using corten steel retaining walls and beam staircases. The child-friendly, close-to-nature implementation, with many decorative elements and green areas, was designed as per the contractor's explicit request.

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