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It is difficult to introduce ourselves through three works only, for we believe each work is one-of-a-kind. It is the scale, the future users and the genius loci of it that sparks our imagination. These three works especially grew on us, since we managed to create a quality, unique environment on all three scales, and all the while solved the underlying technical difficulties as well. We work as a team, alongside our colleagues and design consultants, but especially from the cooperation with our structural engineers, something we call planned free space is born. Aside from the physical environment, the art of building a space takes time-related changes into consideration, may that be the passing of time or time repeating through seasons. For this reason, we particularly enjoy working with plants, having a bit of fun with their implementation. Restrictions inspire us: cultural heritages, protected landscapes or the lack of available space provide new opportunities for us to create, then and there, an environment that is a pleasure to be in and look around in, that is functional, and at the same, its elements have surprising shapes to offer.

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Rita Remeczki
owner, executive


mobile: +36 20/5117328

office: +36 1 614 1758

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Edina Massány


mobile: +36 30/2926810

office: +36 1 614 1758

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Zsófi Megyeri

office: +36 1 614 1758

Vera Horváth

office: +36 1 614 1758

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