design: 2011


fulfillment: 2012

location: Chaumont sur Loire, France

area size: 210m2

landscape architects: Edina Massány and Dominik Scheuch (YEWO LANDSCAPE)

description:  "The garden of Château de Chaumont in the Loire Valley houses conceptual garden festivals since 1992. For a landscape architect, exhibiting here is the same kind of honor as it is for an architect to showcase their work on La Biennale di Venezia. In 2012, Edina Massány and Dominik Scheuch were the first to represent the Hungarian and Austrian colors in Chaumont sur Loire." – the corresponding article on writes. The festival has 5000 visitors daily. Each year, the work of four star landscaping architects, as well as 20 other submissions are implemented on the provided parcels. The majority of the 20 selected submissions were submitted from France, and aside from the Austrian-Hungarian entry, Spanish, English, Swedish, Irish, Italian, German, American and Dutch teams were given exhibition parcels in 2012. Among the submission criteria were: suitable incorporation of the theme, implementation of plants blooming during the time of the festival, a project that is easy to dismantle, economical construction using recycled elements, a sense of humor, intuitive and educational characteristics.


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